Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) UB

In the aims to produce graduates who are competent in field of Information Technology, Faculty of Computer Science (FILKOM) UB implement competency-based curriculum which refers to the ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). Supported by quality educators and adequate supporting infrastructure, FILKOM aims to produce graduates who have entrepreneurs spirite based on moral and ethical also trustworthy personality so being able cooperate and contribute to the national and international level.

Department and Programme

Faculty of Computer Science Universitas Brawijaya (FILKOM UB) has two departments namely Departement of Informatics Engineering and Department of Information System. Department of Informatics Engineering consists of three programme namely Master of Computer Science Programme, Informatics Engineering Programme and Computer Engineering Programme. Meanwhile Department of Information System also consists of three programme namely Information Technology Education Programme, Information system Programme and Information Technology Programme.


Graduate of Information Technology (IT) program is one of the highest hiring demand by national and international industries. Nowadays utilization of IT in optimization, efficiency and decision making is essential for various industries growth. Moreover graduate of IT also have potential chance become an entrepreneur with good income.
Faculty Services

FILKOM continously develops the research both in quality and quantity.

Have the most complete programme that represent all scope in

Applies Assistancy System in New Student Orientation  FILKOM applies assistancy system

Have Good Cooperation with National and International Companies and institutions  FILKOM

Wide Opportunities for Implementing Knowledge  Believe that students learn best by

FILKOM value and respect every existing diversity in idea and